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  1. after looking for good in ear hearing protection for some time i came across sport ear at the cla game fair here in the uk, im so glad i did as i purchased a pair of ghost stryke defenders and what a fantastic buy they were. ive been using them for all of my clay shooting and even down at the range with my pistols and they have performed way better than i ever thought. thanks guys for bringing them over to the uk and at the price you are selling them for they are a fantastic tool for the job.
    dean wood
    united kingdom

  2. I heard about sport ear at front sight hand gun training (very good experience). I did not purchase at that time. I came home did a lot of internet searching and found them to be the best hearing gain (I have a lot of hearing loss and tinnitus) and was told they would help with both. My hearing is great now and the tinnitus is 90 % gone with the custom 812 in my ears I have to think about it to barely hear the tinnitus sounds. I looked at water proofing and was told in most cases it was not needed even riding my harley in the rain as you ear keeps water out normally so instead I purchased the extended warranty expecting to never use it as I am very careful with my stuff, I have had the same cell phone for three years. Me fourteen year old English Boxer was sick and not excepted to live much longer so we got a puppy to make him feel better and us to and the puppy climbed up to a window ledge where I took them off for a minute and get a drink of water. My wife said what is she chewing on well you guessed it my right hearing aid was in pieces. I called Sport Ear and three weeks later I received a new one. The 812 customs are one of the best purchases I have made they do all they say and then some. If you have hearing loss or just to protect the hearing you have don’t hesitant they are well worth it. Oh they work great cutting down loud sounds not just gun shots you would be surprised what can damage your hearing look it up on google. Thank you Sport Ear your the greatest.

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