Dr. Edward Auen

I want to thank you and all the people at Sport Ear.  I am a physician and definitely know how important hearing is to us.  Since I shoot trap weekly I bought a pair of Sport Ears t6 years ago and they have saved my hearing.   I never really thought to use them for hunting until about two years ago when I went to Alaska for black bear hunting.  My friend and I were on a stand and out of the forest this large black bear ran in front of us too fast to shoot.  My friend thought we were done, but with the help of my Sport Ears I could still hear the bear foraging around us.  After about three hours my friend wanted to leave but I could still hear the bear foraging in the forest, so I suggested we wait a little longer.  Soon I could hear the bear coming closer and our waiting and listening paid off and we shot a 300 pound black bear.

Finally as a physician, when I am at a registered trap shooting place like Front Site I often get asked what I am using for ear protection.  My answer is always the same…Sport Ear.  As a physician I have taken care of many shooters over the years and most ended up with hearing aids.  So I say to them: do want to pay $5,000 for hearing aids at age 70 or buy a good paid of Sport Ears now, saving money and your hearing?